Tourists From China, Japan and South Korea Coming Soon

Chinese Tourists

Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin, spokesman for the Centre for COVID 19 Situation (CCSA), said tourists from China, Japan and South Korea could be among the first groups allowed back because their governments had been successful in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

The CCSA spokesman also stated that visitors allowed in would have to submit to quarantine for 14 days, as returning Thais do.

Chinese Tourists In Thailand



It was confirmed on today that investors and businessmen based in Thailand, and medical tourists would probably be the first foreigners allowed in when the kingdom gradually reopens its doors to outsiders.

The government plans to allow seven groups of foreigners to enter the country, Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, the spokesman of the government’s Centre for COVID 19 Situation Administration, announced today, 22nd June 2020. The committee has divided these into two main groups.
The first group may be required to undertake state quarantine on entry:
1. Businessman and investors (around 700 have registered to enter).
2. Skilled labourers and exporters who need to inspect factories or for specific business purposes (around 22,000 have registered).
3. Foreigners married to Thais, or permanent residents of Thailand (around 2,000 have registered).
4. Medical and wellness tourists (around 30,000 have registered).
The Second group comprises travellers who won’t need to go into quarantine on entry:
1. Businessman on short-duration stays, including those coming into the country for business discussions. This group might need a specific area and intense screening both before travel and at arrival at airports.
2. Government guests who are invited for ceremonies or specific seminars.
3. Tourists under the travel bubble.
The CCSA aims to discuss the issue in-depth with the Cabinet after finalising the details.