Truck hits railway bridge, destroys low clearance gantry in Lampang

A truck has been damaged after it hit a railway bridge in Lampang but only after first taking out the low clearance warning gantry first.

The accident occurred yesterday, Sept. 19 at 11:30 a.m. in Sop Tui, Mueang Lampang just south of the Lampang Railway Station.

According to reports, the driver, Mr. Ashaw Wongwiien, 23 from Ban Kha, Mueang Lampang saw the warning gantry and the bridge but decided to proceed as he did not believe that his truck was to tall pass.

After hitting the warning gantry he managed to bring his truck to a halt as it hit the bridge itself, minimizing further damage.

The destruction of the gantry is said to have blocked the road of over an hour.

Police are investigating the matter and it’s expected that Mr. Wongwiien will be asked to pay for the damage.