Two arrested for selling protected turtles at Ton Lam Yai Market

Two women have been arrested after they were caught selling protected turtles at the Ton Lam Yai Market in Chiang Moi yesterday, May 29.

Police made the arrests after receiving a tipoff that the turtles were being sold by the Wildlife Friends Foundation.

The two women – Mrs. Jinda Saison of Chang Klan and Mrs. Achit Kham of Nong Yaeng, San Sai were found in possession of some 51 mostly middle sized turtles between them.

Upon interview, both confessed to the crime, saying that they had caught the turtles from the Ping River near Wat Chai Mongkhon. The Wat is well known locally as a center for merit making with people releasing turtles into the river giving both women plenty to catch.

The pair were charged under Section 19 of the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act BE 2535 (1992) “possession of protected wildlife without permission” and Section 20 which relates to trading in protected species without permission.