Two arrested in Phayao for selling yaba on Facebook

Two men have been arrested in Phayao after they were caught selling yaba on Facebook.

The pair were arrested in Moo 6 Thung Ruang Thong, Chon District this morning, Sept. 18.

The main Facebook yaba seller Mr. Somsak Namboon, 28, had arranged to sell 14 yaba tablets for 500 baht at an abandoned house in his local village. Much to his surprise, the buyer was local police who were waiting for him at the address.

The second man, Mr. Phalawat Thachawong 25 is described as a friend of Mr. Namboon and a conspirator in the Facebook drug-selling business.

The pair were charged with possession of narcotics of category 1 (amphetamines or methamphetamine) for illegal distribution as well as using a banned substance.

Photo: Police Magazine 24