Two dead after fireworks factory explodes in Doi Saket

Two people who were making fireworks in a factory in Doi Saket have died after an explosion destroyed the building.

The explosion occurred this morning, Nov. 16 at around 11:30 a.m. in Moo 6 Pa Lan.

The two deceased men – Mr. Kampol Khanchai, 54 who died in the initial explosion and Mr. Pradit Surisong, 50 who died later in hospital, specialized in manufacturing fireworks for cremation ceremonies in the Doi Saket area.

The explosion is being blamed on hot weather causing the ignition of the potassium chlorate and salt pepper being used in the fireworks making process.

Mr. Komsan Suwannasapha, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai visited the scene of the explosion and told reporters that while it was known that the men were manufacturing fireworks at the factory they did not have a license to do so.

The Deputy Governor went on to say that authorities would be checking on other fireworks factories in the area and that if anyone knows of a factory operating without a license they should inform the police so as to prevent repeated incidents and to safeguard the general public as well.