Two dead in Chai Prakan murder-suicide

Two people have were found dead in Chai Prakan in a suspected murder-suicide yesterday, July 17.

The bodies were found in a home in Moo 2 Pong Tam at around 11:30 a.m. by the landlord of the two deceased people.

Both bodies were suffering from gunshot wounds – Mr. Prachuap Sithi, 55 and his wife, Ms. Suthut Satasan, 46.

Neighbors said that they had heard the couple arguing on July 16 followed by a loud sound that sounded like a gun being shot twice but no one went to check on the couple.

It’s believed Mr. Sithi believed that his wife was having an affair causing an argument that led to the murder-suicide.

The Facebook pictures, although blurred, should be viewed with discretion.