Two dead in fight over woman in Chang Phueak

Two people have been killed in a deadly fight over a woman in Chang Phueak yesterday, March 17.

The fight and subsequent deaths occurred at a dormitory in Morakot Road at around 7 a.m.

According to reports, the two men – Mr. Samruay Sukjui, 57 and Mr. Banphot Pimpa 28 had gotten into a fight over Mr. Pimpa having an affair with Mr. Sukjui’s wife.

Knives were drawn with both men managing to stab each other multiple times.

The body of Mr. Sukjui was found in a bathroom in the building while the body of Mr. Pimpa was found outside.

According to reports, Mr. Sukjui had discovered that his wife had been cheating on him three months ago and had Mr. Pimpa evicted from the building.

It’s believed Mr. Pimpa continued the relationship anyway then either in an act of revenge or coincidentally had been in the room of Mr. Sukjui when he returned home to see his wife.