Two high school students dead after car hits tree in Lampang

Two high school students have died after the car they were traveling in hit a tree in Lampang on Saturday Night, May 23.

The accident occurred on Chiang Mai – Lampang Road (Highway 11) near the entrance to Thammasat University Lampang Campus in Pong Yang Khok, Hang Chat District at around 10 p.m.

The passenger in the car, an 18-year-old female Grade 6 student from Sob Tui, Mueang Lampang was thrown out of the vehicle and died on impact.

The driver, a 17-year-old Grade 6 student from Bo Hau, Mueang Lampang suffered severe injuries and died later in hospital.

A preliminary investigation suggests that the driver lost control of the car at high speed. It’s believed that they may have been rushing home before COVID-19 curfew time. Police are investigating.

Photo: Sawang Nakorn Lampang Rescue