Two Hmong men arrested for heroin smuggling in Chiang Rai

Two men were arrested early this morning, March 12 in Chiang Rai for smuggling heroin across the border from Myanmar.

The arrests occurred near Mae Kham Noi, a Hmong village in Thoet Thai, Mae Fah Luang at around 5 a.m.

Royal Thai Army soldiers patrolling the area came across two Hmong men, Mr. Ko Kham Khong Sae, 40 and Mr. Chafa Sae-Chan, 20 acting suspiciously.

After detaining them, they found the men to be carrying three water bottles full of heroin and 400 yaba tablets.

The pair were taken to Mae Fah Luang Police Station where they confessed that they had visited Mae Jok Mai in Myanmar to buy the drugs to then later sell to people in their village.