Two Major Storms Unlikely To Hit Thailand But Heavy Rain Expected

Weather Warning Flash Floods

Two major storms in the West Pacific are not moving toward Thailand but may cause heavy rain here, said the chief of the Hydro Informatics Institute.

Suthat Weesakul, director of the HII under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, said on Thursday that the WRF-ROM model showed one of the two major storms has downgraded to a depression over the South China Sea and the other storm, which is over the Pacific Ocean in the Philippines, has become a low-pressure cell. The two storms are moving north.

He said the storms would not be moving in the direction of Thailand during 11th-13th October. However, the effects of the storm would strengthen the southwest monsoon and a monsoon trough will lay across Thailand. This would bring rain on the western coast of the South, the upper South and the lower Central regions, said Mr Weesakul.

Rain was also expected in the upper Northeast and the upper North. Rainfall would help fill Bhumibol and Sirikit dams, said the HII director.

Heavy rain that would be brought by the storms would not hit areas that were already inundated, he added.

In Bangkok, there would be rain, but not so much as feared by some people. Heavy rain was expected to pound Ranong, Phangna and Phuket for three days, he said.