Two men arrested for starting fires in Hot

Rain this week may have provided relief across Chiang Mai Province from ongoing smog but sadly it hasn’t stopped some people starting fires with two people arrested yesterday, April 29 in Hot District doing exactly that.

The first arrest involved Mr. Saijai Prasong, 64 from Moo 1 Tambon Hot in Hot District who was found at 5 p.m. to have started a fire in a longan grove in Moo 4 Ban Tan. Notably, he was tracked down after authorities noticed smoke in the area.

He was charged with “causing a nuisance such as odor, light, radiation, sound, heat, poisonous material, vibration, dust, soot, ash or other cases that cause deterioration or may be harmful to health ”

The second arrest involved Mr. Nanthakhon Panyawong, 29 who was found burning rubbish in Moo 1 Na Kho Ruea

He was charged with allegedly burning or acted within five hundred meters of the busway causing smoke or other things in a way that may make it unsafe for traffic in that way under the Road Traffic Act, 1979, Section 130.

The province-wide fire ban ends at midnight tonight, April 30.

Photo: Wevo