Two Myanmar nationals arrested trying to post ketamine in Mae Sai

Two Myanmar nationals have been arrested as they were trying to post ketamine from a post office in Mae Sai yesterday, March 10.

The pair were arrested by police following a tip-off that the men were acting strangely at the unnamed post office at 2:20 p.m.

Upon arrival, police inspected two boxes the men were trying to ship. Both initially appeared to be shipments of coffee but a closer look found white drugs in a crystal form which were subsequently identified as 5 kilograms of ketamine.

The pair, not named by Thai language media but described as 17 and 19, said that they had been paid 2,000 baht by a person at a local market to post the items.

The address where the drugs were being posted to was Mr. Jian Cheng Lin in Brooklyn, New York City.