Two rescued after becoming lost picking mushrooms in Lamphun

Two people have been rescued after they became lost picking mushrooms in Lamphun yesterday, May 30.

The pair had last been seen leaving their home in Moo 4 Na Sai, Li District May 28 heading into Thung Kik Forest in Mae Ping National Park.

Police and Royal Thai Army officers were deployed to search for the pair, finally locating them around 5 p.m. Thursday, May 30.

It’s not clear how the pair, Mr. Tod Mong Tha, 27 and Nong Kafi Wutrai, 13 became lost but they were located in “deep forest” around six to seven kilometers from the Mae Ping National Park entrance in Thung Kik.

There was no official mention of their health in reports but aside from possibly being dehydrated, pictures from the scene would indicate that they were otherwise well.