Van driver fined for crossing into oncoming traffic on road to Pai

In an odd case, odd in that action was taken given how common the offense is, a van driver has been fined and ordered to attend training after being caught on video crossing into oncoming traffic on the road to Pai.

The exact date of the video (see below) is unknown but shows a passenger van constantly veering onto the wrong side of Highway 1095 through Pa Pae, Mae Taeng in an apparent attempt to get around slow-moving traffic.

The van driver was fined 1,000 baht and ordered to attend one hour of driver training.

According to reports, the Department of Land Transport is serious about cracking down on drivers driving dangerously on the road, a road that already has the reputation of being one of the most dangerous in the north.

Surprisingly, van drivers and other transport providers driving badly can be dobbed in to authorities via calling 1584. Having dashcam footage would also be advantageous in assisting the department fine drivers.

Photo: Chiang Mai News