Village headman, others arrested for gambling at a San Kamphaeng funeral

A village headman and three others have been arrested Sept. 21 after they were filmed gambling at a funeral in San Kamphaeng.

According to reports, Mr. Kiat Damrongchaiwan, head of Huay Sai Village, Moo 8 Huay Sai along with the others were filmed playing a tile and card game at the funeral of a foreign man Sept. 20. The video allegedly showed Mr. Damrongchaiwan was the dealer in the game.

Either the person who took the video or someone who had got their hands on it handed it over to police, hence the arrests.

All four men handed themselves over to police following the issue of arrest warrant s and confessed, it being impossible for them to not given the video evidence.

The charge was gambling (eight cards or nine cards) on a property without permission.

Photos: Chiang Mai News