Foreign men shoot up Hang Dong shop following noise dispute

Police are seeking the locate two to three men who fired seven to eight bullets into a closed shop in Hang Dong on June 26.

The incident occurred in Moo 3 Tambon Hang Dong only 200 meters from the Hang Dong Police Station.

The two to three men, described as being “aliens” in a Black Toyota Hilux Vigo, Chiang Mai registration พย 2269, fired bullets into the shop following an earlier altercation.

Earlier in the evening, a group of people were eating and drinking outside the shop when “a young man believed to be an alien” stopped out the front with a loud motorcycle. Words were apparently exchanged and then the “alien” left.

Later in the evening, a person believed to be the same man has returned with friends to shoot up the shop. As the shop was closed at the time, complete with a roller door down, no one was injured although naturally the roller door now sports bullet holes.

At least one of the men has been identified and an arrest warrant has been issued.