Wanted Doi Saket man who allegedly raped his mother caught by police

A man wanted by police for allegedly raping his mother has been found and arrested after an intensive search.

Mr. Chaiya Thanana, 31 had previously spent time in jail for murdering his step-father when upon being released in December returned to his home village in Tambon Mae Pong where he raped his mother twice.

According to reports, instead of immediately reporting it to police, the man’s mother went into hiding as she was afraid he would return.

Mr. Thanana was found hiding in a forest in Ban Talat Lek Lek, Moo 1 Mae Pong.

In a strange twist, the accused is said to have contacted a friend for food as he was hungry, the friend then informing police. Rather than confront Mr. Thanana, the police are said to have drugged his food and drink with sleeping pills, waiting until he passed out to make the arrest.

He is in custody at Mae Pong Police Station awaiting a court hearing.