Warning! Dietary Supplement Not Approved by FDA Advertised Online

DS Herb Amalaki

Warning! Dietary supplement “DS Herb Amalaki” is advertised as a fast way to lose weight but could be harmful to your health according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr Poonlarp Chantawitwit, Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA revealed that the FDA had received complaints from the public and questions regarding the authenticity of the “Ds Herb Amalaki” dietary supplement promoted on Instagram.

An FDA investigation found that Instagram account diet.slim02 was advertising the dietary supplements, claiming instant results for those wishing to lose weight on their legs and waist.

The product’s serial number was displayed as 51-1-01753-10002. After a check by the FDA it was discovered that the product information did not exist in the FDA database.

The number is registered to AMALAKI Dietary Supplement Product produced by Thai Fries Dry Co., Ltd. at 224, Moo 10, Ban Thi Sub-district, Lamphun Province.

Advertising of such products without permission is an offence under the Food Act 2522. The FDA has issued a letter demanding the company to suspend advertising and legal action will be taken again the advertiser of the product.

The Deputy-General has waned the public not to be deceived by this product and be cautious of dietary supplements as they could cause serious health problems.

Products can be checked online through 4 different channels.
Line App: FDAthai, Oryor Smart Application, www.fda.moph or www.oryou.com

If anyone finds the dietary supplement being advertised online, please report it via the Hotline: 1556 or email: 1556@fda.moph.go.th. You can also report it in person at your local Provisional Health Office.