Water buffalo that attacked car held in wat as locals raise money to buy it

A water buffalo that attacked a car in Chang Klan on Wednesday night has been detained in a wat as locals attempt to buy money to purchase the animal.

The water buffalo went viral after it was caught attacking a car at the intersection of Chang Klan Road and Ragang Road next to the Buarawong Hotel before fleeing down Ragang Road towards Chareonprathet Road and the Ping River.

Locals managed to capture the animal, subsequently taking the beast to Wat Chai Mongkhon, further up Chareonprathet Road for safekeeping.

The buffalo was one of six due to be slaughtered at a local abattoir but managed to escape leading to the vehicle attack.

Locals consider that the escape of the water buffalo is auspicious and that it deserves to live and are raising money to buy the animal. The owner is said to be looking at between 30,000 to 40,000 baht for the animal to change hands. If purchasesd, the water buffalo would remain at Wat Chai Mongkhon for the benefit of the community.

Photo: Guru Chiang Mai