Water buffalo who attacked locals detained in Phayao

A stray water buffalo who attacked locals in Phayao has been detained after being found near a weir four kilometers away from where it escaped into Phayao Lake Aug. 12.

The water buffalo made headlines yesterday when it was reported to have charged a motorcycle rider in the main street of Phayao before fleeing into Phayao Lake. Later reports noted that the water buffalo had also attacked an elderly woman in a rice paddy in Ban Sang, Mueang Phayao before making its way into town to attack motorcycle riders.

The water buffalo, which had to be brought down with a tranquilizer dart is believed to have escaped from a local abattoir although its owner is yet to be identified.

Police are seeking the owner of the water buffalo. If it’s not claimed within 30 days the person who found it is able to keep it under Thai law.

For those who play the Thai lottery, the tag on the water buffalo was 03078.