Weather Warning for the North 5th to 7th Nov – Tropical Storm Goni

Typhoon Goni

Tropical storm Goni is expected to bring rain and strong winds to upper Thailand later this week.

The Meteorological Department said in its 5 am forecast on Monday that at 4 am, tropical storm Goni moved from the Philippines into the middle South China Sea with maximum sustained winds around 65 kilometres per hour.

The storm was moving west at about 20kph and is likely to downgrade before making landfall over middle Vietnam on 4th-5th November.

It was expected to bring more rain with strong winds to upper Thailand from Thursday to Saturday. People should be alert for possible flash floods and run-off, the department said.

Goni was the strongest typhoon of the year with destructive winds and intense rainfall. It pounded the Philippines, causing many deaths and considerable damage before it was downgraded to a tropical storm.

While only grazing Manila, the storm left at least 10 people dead in the Bicol region of Luzon, the most populous island of the Philippines, according to the regional Office of Civil Defense there.

Several died from an overflowing river, while one was killed by a falling tree branch, said Al Francis Bichara, the governor of Albay Province in Bicol, which is southeast of Manila and was more squarely in the typhoon’s path.