Winter is coming: TMD declares Oct. 17 the start of cold season

Winter is just about here with the Thailand Meteorological Department declaring Oct. 17 the start of cool/cold season.

The change of season is due to shifting winds and temperatures. Upper and lower winds change direction, with winds between an altitude of around 100 meters to about 3,500 meters changing to the east or south while winds above 5,000 change to the west.

This years winter deceleration is the earliest in five years with winter having been called last year on Oct. 28. The median date is Oct. 23 with historic dates ranging from Oct. 1 through to Nov. 15.

Winter this year is expected to last for 122 days through to the middle of February. The Department is predicting that weather will be colder this year than last year with temperatures in Chiang Mai as low as 12c-14c and colder again in places such as Chiang Rai. Whether Chiang Mai will see a repeat of the near-record cold of January 2016 is yet to be seen, however.

Average temperatures in Chiang Mai over the period range from 22.2c/31.4c in October through to 14.9c/29.8c in January.

Image: TMD