Woman Infected After Receiving First COVID-19 Jab

New COVID-19 Cluster

A Ratchaburi woman in an at-risk group linked to the Bang Kae cluster in Bangkok has tested positive for COVID-19 8 days after getting her first vaccine shot.

The 29-year-old seafood vendor at Kitti Market in Bang Kae district has been admitted to Ratchaburi Hospital.

She received her first shot on 18th March and tested positive on Friday, according to Ratchaburi health authorities.

According to her timeline, she stayed home in Muang district of Ratchaburi from 10th – 12th March because the market in Bangkok was closed after a cluster of infections was found there.

On 13th March, she went to Kitti Market to give saliva samples for testing as instructed by market staff. She was told she would be informed by phone if she was infected.

From 14th – 17th March, she isolated herself at home in Ratchaburi but did not receive a phone call about her test result. She learned from a chat group that none of her friends was infected.

On 18th March, she went to Kitti Market to get the first jab. After being injected she went straight home in a private vehicle.

She remained at home the next day but on 20th March health officials found she was supposed to have been quarantined at a state facility in Ratchaburi instead of staying home. She was moved to the facility from 21st – 25th March.

On Friday, she was tested before her 14-day quarantine ended on Sunday. The test result showed she was infected.

Dr Pajaree Areerob, a provincial doctor, said vaccination was no guarantee that one won’t get infected. But it prevents death and severe symptoms.

Ratchaburi has logged 40 confirmed cases, 11 of whom remain in hospitals.