Yoovidhya Extended Family Urges Red Bull Heir to Address the Public

Red Bull Heir

The Yoovidhya extended family has urged the Red Bull heir Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya to step forward and clear-up public doubt over his controversial hit-and-run case.

In a letter dated yesterday and signed by Yoovidhya “brothers and sisters”, extended family members offered their utmost apology to the public over the decision by prosecutors to drop all charges against Vorayuth, which stirred an outcry among citizens.

“While we cannot renounce our Yoovidhya blood ties with Vorayuth, we can say that since the case began, Vorayuth’s immediate family has never consulted us over the issue,” the letter said.

“We also do not agree with Vorayuth’s many decisions during the case.”

The letter was signed by Suthirat, Panadda, Sarawut, Sakchai, Jirawat, Supreeya and Nucharee Yoovidhya and Saipin (Yoovidhya) Phahonyothin.

They said Vorayuth should explain himself to provide clarity on his case and reduce negative public sentiment affecting everyone in the Yoovidhya family.