30M baht skywalk being built overlooking the Mekong in Loei

Loei Province in the Isan region, not far from the north, is going to get a new tourist attraction in the form of a 30 million baht skywalk that will overlook the Mekong River.

Currently being built on a hillside in Phra Yai Phu Khok Ngio, Chiang Khan District, the walkway will measure 100 meters and is located 80 meters above the level of the land below in front of an existing Buddhist statue.

The walkway when finished is claimed to give “spectacular” views over the Mekhong as well as into neighboring Laos and given the concept art it’s hard to disagree.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. Chiang Khan, Loei is around a six to seven hour drive from Chiang Mai.