Australian questioned after Thai woman falls from Pattaya balcony

An Australian man has been questioned after a Thai women fell from a balcony in Pattaya early Monday morning, subsequently dying on her way to hospital.

The victim, Wilawal Poolsukserm, 28, fell from the balcony at Min Mansion in Tambon Nong Plue around 2:30 a.m. with police finding the boyfriend, unnamed this point, crying and holding her hand outside the building.

Police are investigating as to whether Ms. Poolsukserm committed suicide or whether the Australia boyfriend may have pushed her. There were no initial reports of fighting prior to the fall but clearly the boyfriend witnessed the incident.

Pattaya is notorious in expat circles for mystery deaths from balconies, with deaths in the beachside city, infamous for its red light district, often referred to as people joining the “Pattaya Flying Club.”