Doctor issues warning over poisonous mushrooms

Mushrooms Poisonous Mushrooms Amanita Forest

Dr. Nopparat Kiatkumrong, Deputy Director of Services, Amnat Charoen Hospital is warning the public to be careful about eating wild mushrooms after a man died after eating a poisonous variety he had confused for one safe to eat.

The unnamed 58-year-old man died in the hospital after suffering liver and kidney failure leading to a heart attack May 24 after eating a wild mushroom.

Dr. Kiatdamrong said that her hospital alone usually had around 16-20 mushroom poisoning cases per year but this was the first death. She said that people need to be very careful collecting mushrooms in that edible mushrooms are often similar to poisonous mushrooms and can cause confusion.

Symptoms of eating poisonous mushrooms depend on the type of mushroom but usually start to appear within three hours. According to Sanook, symptoms may initially include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea but may later include more severe symptoms such as liver and kidney failure.

Photo: Maxpixel