Unexploded Vietnam war era bombs found in Kalasin scrapyard

Two unexploded aircraft bombs believed to date from the Vietnam War have been uncovered in a scrap metal yard in Kalasin Province.

The two bombs, described as being 1.3. meters long and 225 kilogram each are believed to be Mk 82 bombs.

Mk 80 series bombs were first designed for the U.S. Air Force in 1946 but were not deployed in combat until the Vietnam War.

How they managed to make their way to the Khong Chai District scrapyard is not clear, however, there was a USAF base in nearby Udon Thai Province during the war.

Fortunately, the bombs were detected and reported by the owner of the scrapyard before they were cut up scrap, a process that could have potentially been literally explosive.

Both were safely removed from the site for later disposal.