61-year-old Nan man shot dead in mysterious circumstances

A 61-year-old man has been found shot dead in mysterious circumstances in a forest in Ban Phi, Ban Luang District, Nan Province.

The deceased, not named by Thai media but said to 61 was found by two other people Sunday morning (Sept. 9) who had been in the forest hunting. The deceased was found lying against a tree with a gunshot wound to his face and next to him, propped up against a tree, was a rifle believed to have been the murder weapon.

Suffice as to say the deceased would not have been able to place the rifle in the position by himself given his injuries.

The man was found to be wearing hunting clothes and had a backpack in his possession.

Police are not sure if the death may have been a hunting accident with the other party having left the scene or whether the man had been murdered.

Irrespective of the circumstances, police are investigating as accidental or not an offense has been committed.