Government seeks to assist stateless students in the north

The Education Ministry is working with the Interior Ministry on a program that is attempting to give Thai citizenship to stateless school children, most located in the north.

The children, primarily from ethnic minorities and refugees from neighboring Myanmar, are unable to access basic services such as schooling without Thai citizenship and their numbers aren’t small with a list of 92,919 students being given to the Registration Administration Bureau.

Surapong Kongchanthuek, a member of a committee in charge of coordinating the effort, said that of the stateless students, the largest number were located in Chiang Mai (17,423) followed by Chiang Rai (12,824) and Tak (9,332).

According to reports, the process involves school directors, tambon chiefs and tambon hospital heads signing ID confirmation documents for the students. Once that has been done, all government schools must accept students even if they have not yet been issued an ID number. From that point, the schools can then work with their local household registration office to secure citizenship ID.

Image: davidden/Flickr