Lampang man wins 6M in Thai lottery following auspicious dream

A 52-year-old man from Ban Ton Yang, Pichai District, Muang Lampang has won six million baht in the Thai lottery April 16 after having an auspicious dream about his vehicle being stolen.

Mr. Teerayuth Srithunyachai said that he had the dream about his car leading up to the draw and thought it might be a sign, deciding to then buy a number of lottery tickets ending in the number 229, the same as his vehicle.

“I went out and bought a lottery ticket using the three lottery numbers at Ban Ton Yang market,” Mr. Srithunyachai said, “but I was not entirely confident.”

The winning numbers for the main prize of the draw ended up being 739229, one of the tickets Srithunyachai had ordered.

Via: เชียงใหม่นิวส์