PRIME Football Development Centre

PRIME Football Development Centre

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We are actively looking into starting hour-long after-school Prime Skill and Ball Mastery sessions. These sessions will be fully focused on individual ball skills and the technical ability of the students.

The players will spend most of the session with a ball at their feet and get to try and retry many different skills and movements. It will complement our weekend sessions, which have a more general game craft focus and are only offered IN ADDITION to the weekend sessions that we consider our core-learning program. All players MUST come wearing shinguards/shinpads. Besides that, any suitable footwear (trainers or football boots) and we recommend football shirts, shorts and socks or any suitable alternative. All players must bring water bottles and for the rainy season please also bring a rain jacket.

Prime Football Development Centre is a football club passionately focused on the footballing education and development of its players. Our coaches are licensed from the English FA and have combined experiences at coaching players from grassroots up to elite academies. We spend a lot of the teaching time coaching and answering ‘why’; so players are better equipped to understand not only the game but also their roles and responsibilities. We understand the importance of a great education, and also believe that a healthy lifestyle complements and strengthens a child’s potential. 

  • Monday – Friday 4.00 PM – 7.00 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday 8.00 AM – 10.00 AM
  • Saturday – Sunday 4.00 PM – 6.00 PM
  • 063-957-5396