Police investigating brutal hazing attack by Mae Jo University students

Police are once again investigating a hazing attack on a junior student by older students at Mae Jo University after pictures of the victim went viral at the weekend.

The student, named in media only as Nong Folk, was attacked by other students with a bamboo cane (some reports call it a wooden bat) on Oct. 4. His unnamed mother took the lad to Mae Jo Police to make a complaint on Oct. 5, then the story gets weird.

Mae Jo Police say they contacted Mae Jo University to find the students behind the attack. The police claim that that the university officials did not cooperate with their inquiries and had instead claimed that students were on vacation and could not be contacted.

Given that nearly a month had passed, the family of the victim decided to go public with pictures of the injuries to call for action in the case.

Given the widespread attention the photos have gained on social media and mainstream media nationwide, the case has come to a head again with Chiang Mai Provincial District 5 Police getting involved as well, demanding answers and promising that the investigation will be expedited.

Police are said to be seeking to summon 10 students for questioning. If charges are placed against the students they’re facing a court hearing accused of assault on others causing physical or mental harm under Section 295 of the Criminal Code with a fine not exceeding 40,000 and up to two years in jail.

Mae Jo University has responded by claiming that the alleged assault take did not take place on campus and that they do not support hazing rituals or any forms of violence against students. Despite having failed to act for nearly a month, the university added that they were also investigating the matter and that students face disciplinary action including expulsion.

Photo: MThai News